Carol Moss


Carol Moss was born to a famous oil painter mother, Vicci Sperry and a musician/engineer father. Growing up around creative minds, Carol’s made pottery most of her life. Her pieces are known for their exquisite line and color and breathtaking imagery.  Carol’s ceramics studio is at her home in the Malibu Colony.


Dubbed “The Mayor of Malibu,” Carol’s known for her tireless activism. With her law degree and at 90 years old she is an assiduous advocate for the homeless. She has worked not merely to serve and assist, but to support Malibu’s underserved individuals. In 2015, Carol co- founded the Community Assistance Resource Team, also known as CART, aiming to provided resources and facilitate connections for the growing homeless population. She continually finds ways to address the underserved in new and inviting ways, convinced that there is always a sensible effective way to do so. 


Carol is truly a Malibu hero. 

All ceramic pieces purchased, proceeds will be donated to CART.