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Will Pierce


Multiple award-winning artist Will Pierce is known for his painterly seascapes. Pierce's Impressionistic technique captures the essence of divine moments in nature, and shows his distinct connection with light, atmosphere, and movement. Curators and collectors esteem his work as important to the growing genre of contemporary fine art photography.

Pierce has risen to prominence since his 2013 debut solo exhibition in Santa Barbara, a critical and commercial success that propelled his work into galleries, private collections, and luxury design houses from the California coast to New York and Europe. For the past three consecutive years his work has been awarded at international art shows, including the Beverly Hills Art Show. His work has been featured in numerous publications, such as Ocean Home,  Curated Kravet,  Santa Barbara Dining & Destinations,  805 Living Magazine,  The Montecito Journal,  and more. 

Pierce is a native Californian and self-confessed "nature-addict", with one eye always on the ocean.  He was born in the redwood town of Fortuna in northern California, where he spent most of his days outdoors as a child.  As a youth, Pierce discovered his love for photography and began a nomadic adventure across country with his camera. He eventually moved to Santa Barbara to study under the direction of leading photographers, and earned his BFA in Portraiture in 2004.  Pierce found his muse at sea, where he began taking photographs of the mercurial waters he encountered while sailing off the California coast.

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