Jennifer Maharry

Jennifer Maharry.png

Jennifer MaHarry grew up in Rochester, New York, where she had the opportunity to buy a horse of her own at age 15. Riding through the surrounding forests, streams and meadows led to her lifelong love of nature.

After graduating Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, Jennifer moved to LA where she began her career in motion picture advertising. Working at various design agencies and ultimately forming her own (Eden Creative) she’s designed and contributed to countless iconic movie poster campaigns, such as “The Hundred-Foot Journey,” “The Ides of March,” “Dan In Real Life,” “The Proposal,” “War Horse,” “Secretariat,”  “Winter’s Tale,” and “Maleficent.”

Jennifer’s first experience photographing wild horses was several years ago at a wild horse sanctuary started by a friend who rescued and rehabilitated 1400 starving mustangs. Struck by their intelligent and highly socialized personalities, she was inspired to go on a multi-state quest to document wild horses throughout the west. Realizing the scale of the plight of wild horses in this country galvanized her mission: to inform as many people as possible what’s going on, and to make a change.

Getting her images out in public has been one way Jennifer hopes to encourage appreciation not only of wild horses but for the preservation of our quickly vanishing wilderness. Solo exhibits of her wild horse photography include the LA Art Show, the Autry Museum and, most prominently, the award-winning G2 Gallery on Abbot Kinney in Los Angeles. As the gallery’s top-selling artist, sales of Jennifer’s work at G2 have helped raise thousands of dollars for environmental causes. Her large-scale work continues to be on view as an ongoing exhibit at the G2 Gallery for 5 years running.