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Malibu Contemporary Art Gallery

Located at 3939 Cross Creek Road D160

 Malibu Lumber Yard  Malibu, CA


 by appointment. only during Covid 19 

Appointments can be made by calling (310) 359-3895.


Painting and Pinot


 by Lori Mills

great wine by STRANGE winery

coming soon!!!!

MALIBU, CA –– Malibu Contemporary Art Gallery, a new art gallery featuring contemporary works exclusively by Southern California-based artists, is now open by appointment until further notice.


Located at the Malibu Lumber Yard, the gallery will feature SO CAL artists. Owners are Malibu resident, Lori Mills and Ojai resident, Bobbi Bennett. Mills and Bennett are established artists and have have curated exhibits or owned previous galleries in the SO Cal area. Malibu Contemporary will also spotlight and feature pieces by a different artist from the Malibu Art Association each month, where Mills serves as Vice President.


“We’ve poured so much passion into this, and supporting southern California artists has always been the number one driver for us,” says Bobbi. “These collections feature contemporary works by established artists , who exhibit internationally and are in museum collections. We plan on giving a percentage of the art sales to a local non-profit, to serve Malibu,both as a city and a community.”


The Malibu Contemporary Art Gallery will also hold weekly community events and interactive activities that feature local talent in the community. The events will feature talent including musicians, and performance..


“This gallery really is a labor of love,” says Lori. “It’s always been important to me to support local businesses and artists of all kinds. My vision is to enrich and expand awareness in the arts for individuals in the Malibu community, and I hope this can be a place for that.”


A grand opening for the gallery is currently slated for June 2020. 



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